How to access your ForesHost VPS using RDP on MAC Device

How to access your VPS using RDP on Apple Mac


1. After completing payment and activating your ForexHost VPS you will receive an email.

        You need to take note of the following:

Main IP - (Your Server/VPS IP address)

Username - Administrator

Password - Check the email we sent you



2. Go to Your iTunes store and download an application called





3. Once you download open the  Microsoft Remote Desktop



4. Click create a new session. The connection name is any name you want to name your virtual computer to be and input the credentials we sent.   


5. Click the color red button to save on the top of new icon. You can now open your virtual computer.



6. Double click the Virtual Computer and the screen below will pop up  and then click continue.


7. You should now be presented with a Windows Desktop with  EAconomy template background.
This is your ForexHost VPS desktop.

If you any inquiries or concern do not hesitate to reach us at our
Contact Page to send us a message at any time.


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