The RDP is not yet activated/ network update/ ongoing maintenance/cannot access or offline:

The RDP is not yet activated/ network update/ ongoing maintenance/ cannot access or offline:

In case these concerns occur as pictured below the reasons are there is ongoing maintenance, the VPS is having a network update, the account is not activated yet or the account needs a REBOOT.

Upon connecting please make sure that you have an internet connection.

The following are the VPS reboot process:


1. Go to the portal or your dashboard


2. Click services


3. Once you click services the page will now redirect you to your existing plan.


4. Click the subscribe plan and it will now show you the option to reboot or boot.  Click reboot once and try to access it in 2-3 minutes once back online.
And if you can't access it still, click boot, wait for it to be online, and access it in 2-3 minutes. This now finishes the reboot process.

The initial reboot is needed to check further if it is needing just a restart or technical team assistance.


If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to reach us at our Contact Page to send us a message at any time.


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